Size recommendation

Sizing adviceIt is important to choose the right size. A bike that really fits: it is safe, comfortable and you can get on with it. Popal's bikes come in wheel sizes 20 to 28 inch. 

Size chart

The sizes are based on your height, but this can be slightly different for each model. And of course, every body is different. Do you need a different size? Then you can return the bike free of charge. And if you would rather 'give it a try' first, you can visit één one of our dealers where you can get detailed advice and take a test drive.

Sizes for adultbicycles

The frame sizes below apply to all our Popal bikes with inch size 28. Frame size is the distance between the centre of the bottom bracket and the top of the seat tube. To help you determine the  which frame fits your height, we have created the following table.

If your frame size is between the two, choose the smaller size. And if you want to put a suspension seatpost on your bike, subtract 4 centimetres from the frame size.


 Length  Frame size  Wheel size
 from 1m22  34 cm  20 inch
 from 1m28  36.5 cm  22 inch
 from 1m34  40.5 cm  24 inch
 from 1m46  46 cm  26 inch
 from 1m55  47 - 50 cm   28 inch
 from 1m65  50 - 52 cm  28 inch
 from 1m70  52 - 55 cm  28 inch
 from 1m75  55 - 58 cm  28 inch
 from 1m80  58 - 61 cm  28 inch
 from 1m85  61 - 63 cm  28 inch
 from 1m90  63 - 66 cm  28 inch