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Questions about your Popal bicycle? All service questions go through the point of sale where you bought your bike. Do you still have a question or just want to say something? Feel free to email us. Our customer service team is available every working day from 9am to 5pm.


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Frequently asked questions


What countries do you ship to?

The countries to which we ship as standard are the Netherlands, Belgiumië and Germany. Other countries are also possible, please send an email to

When will my order be shipped?

As soon as we receive your order, we will send it to you as soon as possible. Have you ordered on workdays before 15:00? As soon as the bike is shipped you will receive an email with the track & and trace code of your order. Due to the corona crisis, it may take a few days longer before you receive your bike. We will do our utmost to deliver your order as soon as possible. 

*m.u.v. Carrier tricycles and seniors tricycles, these products have a delivery time of 3-5 working days because these products are delivered ready to ride.

Can my order also be sent to a collection point?

Once your order has been dispatched, you can indicate your preferences via the link to the carrier. DHL and PostNL use different pickup points. For some pick-up points the orders are too big, so please check well where your order can be delivered.


How can I change or cancel my order?

If you have placed an order, you can ‘m nmake adjustments within a few hours. We often ship bikes within 24 hours. Therefore, please contact us as soon as possible by calling+31 (0)20 210 3525

We will be happy to help you!

My bike was delivered damaged. Who should I contact?

We do everything we can to deliver your Popal bicycle to you in perfect condition. If your bicycle is damaged or delivered incorrectly, please contact the Popal dealer where you purchased your bicycle. The dealer will try to find a solution for you immediately. In other cases, they will contact us. In this way, we can always find a good solution together. 

Did you buy the bike on Then please contact us at!

Can I return my order?

Bikes ordered from the Popal website can be returned within 30 days. Please do so in the original packaging and make sure the bike is unused. Once we have received and checked your return, we will refund you the purchase price within 14 days.


Do I have a warranty on my Popal bicycle?

Of course. You can read our guarantee in our guarantee conditions. You will receive it with your bicycle, but you can also read itonline

What should I do if something is broken on my bike within the guarantee period?

The best thing to do is to go back to your Popal dealer. As specialists, they can often help you right away. If not, your dealer will contact us. Together we will try to find a solution so that you can get back on your bike as soon as possible. Teamwork!

Did you buy the bike on Please contact us at!

What should I do if something is broken on my bike outside the warranty period?

We recommend that you go back to your Popal dealer. As specialists, they can often solve the problem right away.

Did you buy the bike on Please contact us at!

I can't reach an agreement with my dealer about the guarantee. What should I do?

Our Popal dealers are bicycle specialists who are happy to help you back on the road. If you still feel that your guarantee has not been dealt with properly, please contact us. We can be reached by email at and on working days by telephone via +31 (0)20 210 3525.

I have moved, where can I have my guarantee handled?

Sind Sie umgezogen? Keine Sorge, Ihre Garantie bei einem Händler läuft glücklicherweise weiter. Wenden Sie sich einfach an Ihre Verkaufsstelle. Sie werden mit uns zusammenarbeiten, um einen Händler in Ihrer Nähe zu finden, der die Garantie übernehmen kann. Sie erreichen uns per E-Mail unter und per Telefon unter +31 (0)20 210 3525.

The shop where I bought my bike no longer exists, where can I settle my warranty?

No worries, your guarantee continues! Just get in touch with us. Together we will find a dealer in your area who can take over your guarantee. 


Where can I find a Popal dealer in my area?

We have a large network of Popal dealers. You can find all our affiliated shops at search dealer. Enter your postcode or city name to see all dealers in your area.

Where can I find a manual for my Popal?

You always get a manual with your bike. That's very handy. Besides, they are also digital hier te vinden.

How can I pay?

You can pay us afterwards via iDeal, Credit card, Paypal and Klarna.

What is the maximum load of the front and rear carrier?

The front carrier can carry 10 kg, the rear carrier 15 kg.

Where can I find the frame number?

Our frame numbers are located just below the steering head, just below the saddle, or on the underside of the bike, near the pedals. You can find them by turning the bike upside down. Can't work it out? We are happy to help. Send an e-mail to or visit your nearest Popal dealer. Find a dealer nearby.

The bike I am looking for is not in stock. What should I do?

Sometimes a bicycle is temporarily out of stock. Due to the COVID-19 crisis, it sometimes takes a little longer before a model is available. You can leave your e-mail address on the order page of the bicycle. As soon as the model is back in stock, you will be notified immediately.
This often takes a few days to 1-2 weeks.


How important is the maintenance of my bicycle?

Very important! Not only for your own safety, but also for the functioning of your bike. Regular maintenance will ensure that your bike runs smoothly for a long time. Inflate your tyres, spray your bike with anti-corrosion spray and apply a protective layer and bring your bike ‘m to the bicycle mechanic for maintenance. Three months after the first use, and afterwards één up to twice a year. Depending on how often you use your bike.

How often does my bike need servicing?

Take your bike to the bike shop for its first service between six weeks and three months after first use. This should preferably be a Popal dealer. Your bike has then been run in and the specialist can check that, for example, your brakes, gears and spokes are properly adjusted. After this service, it is a good idea to have your bike serviced at leastéén twice a year. If you notice something is wrong with your bike before then, don't wait too long and take it to a bicycle workshop or Popal dealer. Find a Popal dealer near you

Can I also buy spare parts for my Popal?

Sure, we'll help you out! Send an email to or go to a dealer near you.

The paintwork of my bicycle is damaged

That is not good! Fortunately, you can repair minor damage with a touch-up pen. You can easily order one from our customer service department. Before using a paint pen, test the colour on an inconspicuous spot. If you have serious damage to the paintwork, visit the Popal dealer where you bought the bike. He/she will work with you to find a solution. Did you buy the bike on Please contact us at!