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Doing business with guts, working together on great results: that is a partnership with Popal. Especially for retailers with ambition. Are you in?

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Work together, do business together

As a dealer, you are in direct contact with the customer and know what is going on 'on the floor'. But sometimes you also need something from óns. That is why the lines are short and why we communicate quickly and clearly. Cooperation is always the starting point.

Fast and reliable

Because before you know it, your order is at the door. Or at the customer's doorstep. Every day, we deliver hundreds of Popal bicycles to the end user's home. We do this for both physical bicycle shops and online Popal dealers. An efficient system with which we work together to relieve the customer of all his worries within 24 hours.

Boundless business

No minimum purchase or turnover. You know best what and how much you can sell, we deliver what you ask for.

Large margins

Doing business wisely also means paying attention to costs. This allows us to realise generous margins. And: our products cycle out of the shop quickly. Sell more in less time. That feels good.

We take care of advertising

We are continuously working on marketing campaigns to stimulate demand. You will notice this directly in your shop. Together, we will sell more!

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Together we can get further. That's our starting point at Popal. Register via the registration form and our team will contact you as soon as possible. See you soon!

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